Bahamas Freight operates a fleet of state-of-the-art vessels, each specifically designed to ship cargo quickly and securely to islands and cays in The Bahamas and South Florida. The vessels in our fleet are also available for Charter Services. For more information, see our Charters Page.

Bahamas Freight Fleet
Vessel Registry Length Deck Space Type TEU
Full Specs
M/V Inagua Spray Panama 232 ft. 8,654 ft.² RO-PAX 40 1,102 L.T. Spec PDF
M/V Grand Master II Panama 189 ft. 6,300 ft.² RO-PAX 28 360 L.T. Spec PDF
M/V East Wind Panama 176 ft. 5,202 ft.² RO-PAX 23 170 L.T. Spec PDF
M/V Sealink Nassau, Bahamas Port Authority 137 ft. 5,061 ft.² RO-PAX 11 106 L.T. Spec PDF
M/V Seawind Nassau, Bahamas Port Authority 140 ft. 4,450 ft.² RO-PAX 8 138 L.T. Spec PDF
M/V Eleuthera Express Nassau, Bahamas Port Authority 134 ft. N/A Break Bulk-Pax 2 See below N/A