What’s the price to ship an envelope and boxes?
The price starts at $3.00 per envelope and box taxes included.  The price depends on the size and destination.

Do you transfer from your vessel to another vessel?
Yes, we do transfer freight shipped on our vessel to another vessel outside of our company, however a fee will apply.

Can I find out the cost of my freight prior to collection?
Provide us with the shipment number by phone or email and the shipping cost will be provided.

If the vessel comes in at night, can I collect my freight?
Freight can be collected for vessels that arrive prior to the Freight Department closing. Freight can also be collected for items that travel on the vessel Bo Hengy III up to fifteen minutes after arrival.

Can I book freight online?
This service is not yet available. However, this will become available in the near future.

Do you consolidate freight?
Yes, consolidation is available at an additional shipping charge.

What form of payments are acceptable?
Cash, cheques, debit cards and all credit cards except for Master Card are accepted. Please note that a government issued ID is required for all cheque and debit/credit card transactions.

What’s the cost to ship a vehicle?
Vehicle prices depend on the size and the destination. Click here to provide us with your vehicle details (make and model) and we will send you a cost for the shipment.

Q: Do you charge a reissue fee for vehicles?

A: Yes, there is a reissue fee for vehicles – $75.00 VAT Inclusive and commercial equipment – $200.00 VAT Inclusive to all ports.

Do you have ship coolers?
Yes, however there are many stipulations in which the cooler must be shipped. We do not accept Styrofoam coolers. Items in the cooler must be frozen. Items in the cooler should also have sufficient ice to keep items at the required temperature for the duration of the sailing up to collection.

Do you have a freezer?
Yes, we have a reefer that we use to ship our freezer. There are some sailings where we cannot accommodate freezer items.

Do you provide, tape ($2.00 per box), box and shrink wrap ($2.00 per box)?
Yes, we provide tape and shrink wrap at an additional cost. However, we do not have boxes currently.

Do you accept plastic packages?
Plastic is not an acceptable form of packaging for shipping. All packages must be in a box.

Do you accept Styrofoam?
Unfortunately, Styrofoam is not an acceptable form of packaging for shipping.

What information should I provide for my package?
Please always include the destination of which it is going along with the name of the sender and the recipient along with telephone contacts for both.

Is the value of my package important?
Yes, the value of the package is very important as it assist us in determining how the item is shipped. This should be given to the agent at delivery.

Do you accept disabled vehicles?
Bahamas Freight does not handle a disabled vehicle.

What is the procedure to ship a vehicle?
The vehicle must be inspected prior to shipping.  Advance booking for the shipment of vehicles is strongly recommended.

Do you ship animals?
Yes, animals must be in a pen/cage with sufficient food and water from delivery to collection. Must be collected on the vessel’s arrival. Unfortunately, this service is not available for Freeport and Marsh Harbour.

What is required to ship glass/fragile items?
It is the shipper’s responsibility to adequately pack and protect their goods to ensure safe transportation. The shipper is also obliged to properly label each item to prevent delay or errant dispatch. Bahamas Freight assumes no liability for items packed by the shipper while in its possession.

What is required to ship a windshield?
Windshields must be properly crated for shipping.

Do you accept passports?
Unfortunately, Bahamas Freight does not ship passports.

Do you accept jewelry?
Unfortunately, Bahamas Freight does not ship jewelry.

Do you ship cakes?
Yes, we do ship cakes in a white cake box only. Unfortunately, we do not ship ice-cream cakes.

Can I ship a Television?
Yes, we ship Televisions. However, please note that it must be in its original box with original packaging. Unfortunately, Bahamas Freight does not accept liability for fragile items.

Do you provide charters?
Yes, we provide domestic charters throughout The Bahamas and international charters from South Florida to islands throughout The Bahamas. Please contact us for more information.

What’s the cost to ship a 20/40 container?
Please contact us for pricing.

What’s the cost to ship a boat and trailer?
Please contact us for pricing.

What the cost to ship a flat rack?
Please contact us for pricing.

Do you ship freezer items?
Yes, we do.

Do you rent containers?
Containers are available for rent when shipping with BF only.

Do you do charters to the Family Islands?
Yes, Charters are booked on vessel availability. We contact charters from Florida to The Bahamas.  We can conduct charters in the Caribbean. Please contact us for more information.

How many pallets can fit in your containers?
8 pallets can fit in a 20 ft. container and 18 pallets can fit in a 40 ft. container.

Do you provide haulage in Nassau and the Family Islands?
Yes, haulage can be arranged in most family Islands. Please contact us for more information.

Do you ship heavy equipment?
Yes, we ship heavy equipment.

Can containers be loaded at the dock?
No, containers are not loaded at the dock.

When should containers be delivered for shipment?
This is based on the sailing, however most are by 12 noon on day of shipment.

Do you ship hazardous items?
No, we do not ship hazardous items.

Can a deposit be made on shipments?
All shipments must be paid in full to confirm booking and shipment.

Can a driver accompany roll on roll off heavy equipment?
No, a driver is not included in the shipment of commercial freight.