1. All items prepared for shipment must be packed and labeled properly. Bahamas Ferries will not be held responsible for damages due to poor packaging. It is the shipper’s responsibility to adequately pack and protect their goods to ensure safe delivery.
  1. The shipper is also obliged to properly label each item in order to prevent delay or errant dispatch. Packages presented for shipping will not be accepted without a telephone contact and the value of content. Bahamas Ferries reserves the right to request proof of said value.
  1. The Customer is to ensure that a receipt or voucher is received after each payment.
  1. Personal checks are only accepted with a valid ID and a valid check card. Bankers’ checks are acceptable.
  1. Vehicles and Containers are received on a first come first served basis.
  1. Bahamas Ferries will not be held responsible for items not collected on delivery. If items are requested to be returned to the destination of origin, an additional shipping fee will apply.
  1. Frozen items must be collected on arrival to the destination. Bahamas Ferries will not be held responsible for any frozen items NOT collected upon vessels arrival.
  1. Bahamas Ferries will not accept any claims of loss or damage after items have been collected and left the dock.
  1. Bahamas Ferries receives all pre-wrapped pallets as “Said to Contain” or “STC” and accepts no responsibility for loss or damage of the items therein.
  1. Additional fees will occur should a customer request an item be delivered to a vessel outside of Bahamas Ferries. Bahamas Ferries accepts no responsibility for damage due to another carrier.